Have no delivery delay with same day air freight service

As doing international shipping, you surely will need freight forwarder for delivering your packages. Today, there are a lot of forwarders that you can freely choose such as air freight forwarders, sea forwarder, container forwarder, and others. From all those options, air freight forwarder becomes the best thing to go as you need secure and fast delivery. Most all air freight services offer fast, reliable, and safe service. However, same day air freight becomes one thing that mostly chosen and the favorite among shipper.


What is Same Day Air Freight?

For you never do international shipping, you probably have no idea about this service. Same day air freight allows you to send your package with shortest delivery time. Your package will be delivered and received in the same day. For that reason, if you need to send items urgently, this service can send it as quickly as possible. However, as choosing this service, several things need to be prepared to make the shipping process quicker and simpler.

Tips in doing Same Day Air Freight

1. Make sure your airway bill is accurate

For who have no idea about the airway bill, this acts as a shipment contact between the air freight forwarder and the shipper. You cannot send your package without having airway bill. Therefore, to prevent the delivery delay, it is better for you to check your airway bill. Make sure that all the things such as shipment detail, the weight of cargo, and recipient name and address are correct.

2. Pack the goods correctly

Every freight forwarders commonly have some requirement for its packages that will be delivered. As doing same day freight, make sure you pack the products precisely and carefully. In order to make sure that your goods being delivered on time and safely, it is very significant to follow the requirement, and the guideline of your air freight forwarder give.

3. Check the label

As doing short-time delivery, you surely want your goods received with the right recipient. Therefore, you need to use the standard tag which includes recipient name, address, contact number, orientation labels, and some cargo items.

After understanding the packaging process, now let’s move to choose the reliable same day services. Almost all air freight forwarders usually will offer same day service. However, choosing the reliable one is very important in this way.

A reliable service actually can be seen through the experience of air freight forwarder. For that reason, make sure you use the service from the professional one. A professional air freight forwarder commonly has had many years of experiences and vast networks. With its vast experiences, your goods surely will be delivered with no delay. Besides, professional companies commonly avoid you from the big problem on shipping process.

Besides, reliable air freight forwarder also has a great team that will help you with the shipping process. The company will assist you in managing your documents, in handling your packages, even in deciding right services based on your needs. Choosing air freight services sometimes becomes a hard thing to do. However, as you want the safest and fastest one, using same day air freight surely can be the best idea.

What to Be Well-prepared Before Doing Shipping Containers Australia to West Africa

It is somehow the same just like what other overseas shipping processes have, the shipping containers Australia to West Africa has several things that you indeed need to notice in order to get maximum satisfaction in the terms of cost, packaging until even your freight’s arrival to the destination.

Moreover, every region usually has different regulations or such rules regarding with the shipping container especially for the content that contains inside of the container that is shipped to the destination. Since the distance between Australia and Africa is quite far, so having proper shipping container would be highly recommended for you for the sake of the safety of your freight and the cost of your shipping process as well.

Australia ship freight

That is why as the person who wants to move overseas, you need to consider many things before moving your things. You can easily find those out on the internet, though.

There is information about shipping containers Australia to West Africa. You can find that easily on the website of the service provider that is running in such business. Here, I am going to tell you about what you need to be well-prepared of in shipping your things to West Africa from Australia.

What to Know About Shipping to West Africa

Talking about shipping containers Australia to West Africa, it is clear that it has been stated previously on however region usually has their own different regulation or such rules regarding with the arrival of the content contained inside of the freight coming from overseas, especially international shipping.

Australia is the country which is rich and has so many different types of the animals, especially the cattle ones. Well, you have to be careful n sending those to West Africa.

Even if we all know that Africa is the country which has so many wild animals as well, but in West Africa, they do not ship animals or perishables such as certain type of foods materials, weapons, dangerous products, and also flammables.

Well, those things would be decided by the person in charge in the arriving place of the freight after being shipped. So you need to be careful and aware about what you ship to West Africa from Australia.

What to Be Prepared in Shipping to West Africa

Another thing that you need to be aware of before shipping containers Australia to West Africa is the documentation. That is the Cargo Tracking Note or CTN. This certificate contains information about freight or cargo and it is used by authorities in some countries to control imports before they reach the destination port.

You are going to need this if you want to ship to several countries in West Africa such as Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria, and many others. Another thing to be prepared is the cost, for sure. Shipping containers Australia to West Africa is quiet far, so that is why you need to effective the containers of your freight in order to minimize the cost of your shipping process. It is going to take more than a month as well probably.