New Balance Leadville V3 Trail Running Shoe

Trail Running

Trail running is a very healthy form of exercise. It helps improve the functioning of your heart and helps strengthen your bones and muscles. It is important that you have the right footwear when you start doing your trail running, as the wrong shoes can lead to you having painful feet and joints and even long term injuries. The New Balance Leadville V3 is an exercise shoe especially designed for walkers.

When you go for regular walks, you will not just benefit from having an improved health physically, but you will also feel a lot better mentally too. Running helps people to focus better, improve their sharpness and generally feel good about themselves. So using the right shoes, such as the Leadville V3 will help to enhance this experience.

Many individuals choose to purchase the Leadville V3 trail running shoes due to their design and build quality. The ability to provide a lot of comfort and support to the feet is paramount if you are to walk long distances without facing any pain or fatigue in your feet or joints. So the Leadville V3 from New Balance has the ability to do this, and is available for both men and women too.

New Balance Leadville V3

Features of the New Balance Leadville V3

The new model of trail running shoes from the popular shoe company New Balance has taken the attention of a lot of individuals due to its amazing new features. These features include the following: New Balance Leadville V3 in-depth review.

Creative Design

New Balance Leadville V3 comes in a stylish design unique from any other type of shoes. It has been designed to make you look stylish while gaining health benefits from running.

Motion Control

The New Balance Leadville V3 is a motion control type of shoes. It comes with rollbar plus medial and lateral TPU posts technology to promote motion control. This means that it is designed to help maintain your balance while trail running.

Antimicrobial Function

Antimicrobial function by the Ortholite foam insert has also been added to prevent microorganisms from increasing in number, preventing the cause of foul odor.

Highly Durable

The outsole of the shoes is made of solid rubber to provide maximum durability. You should be able to get a lot of mileage out of these without any deterioration in the shoes.

Drying Liner

New Balance V3 also comes with a drying liner to maintain the dryness of your feet so you can comfortably walk without worrying about sweat.

Trail Running Strike Path

The trail running strike path feature adds stability during walking while maintaining the natural walking cycle.

Arch Support

The New Balance Leadville V3 provides great arch support for maximum stability and balance. It has a higher arch and narrow heel width.

New Balance Leadville V3

Materials used to make the shoes

New Balance has manufactured the Leadville V3 using materials which are environmental-friendly. The materials used are also highly durable to ensure a more enjoyable and longer-lasting use. The synthetic and mesh upper allows for ventilation and will let your feet breathe and keep them cool as you walk.

Weight of the shoes

Since trail running can be a whole lot easier when using light shoes, The New Balance Leadville is made using light but sturdy materials. The product only weighs 343 grams or 12.1 ounces. The package when shipped may weigh 2 pounds.

Color ranges

The product also comes in different colors for you to choose from. Men’s New Balance V3 comes in variants of pure black and a combination of white, blue and gray. On the other hand, women’s New Balance V3 comes in pink white and gray combination.


Final thoughts on the New Balance Leadville V3

Your trail running experience will surely be more fun and relaxing when you use the New Balance Leadville V3. It is specifically designed for trail running and to promote better health, and best of all you are going to feel really comfortable wearing these shoes. The support they give your feet and ankles too will also give you the confidence and motivation to trail running further and more regularly too.