When you have an injury or stress-related pain, it seems as if every aspect of your life becomes more difficult and tiring.  In today's world, where doctors are quick to provide prescription painkillers that can mask the symptoms, more and more people are choosing to pursue alternative health care. Steve Lynn Certified Sports Massage Therapist does not hesitate to refer to other health care providers when massage does not seem to be the answer.

Steve Lynn enjoyed technical rock climbing for years in the 1980s. Since 1985 he has been a competitive triathlete from sprint to Ironman distances. Steve has switched his competitive focus to Nordic ski racing. You can be confident that a sports therapist with a history of competitive experience wants to get you back on track ASAP!

Steve Lynn firmly believes in the body's ability to heal many of its own ailments if given the proper therapeutic treatment. This is why he has devoted himself to the practice of various types of therapeutic massage and pneumatic compression. Steve Lynn Certified Sports Massage Therapist, goes beyond the basic Swedish (relaxing) massage. In fact, Swedish massage is NOT within the scope of his practice.


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